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Lost in space

Qevilo, Jun 10, 11 8:34 PM.
Sorry i have been gone for awhile. I have been exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and i have gone where no one has gone before. All while practicing my favorite form of diplomacy, a fully charged phaser bank.

Seriously though i have a virus on my computer and am getting it fixed. I will be back online this weekend.

The fleet fund drive also ends next week so donate credits to keep the fleet strong.

Be back soon,

Back in Session

Qevilo, May 4, 11 7:27 PM.
Hi, sorry about my last post. I am hosting another Quizbowl and would appreciate it if a few people showed this time. If there are no RSVPs the QuizBowl will not be held so please only RSVP if you can attend.


Last Quiz Bowl

Qevilo, Apr 24, 11 6:19 AM.
Ok, i am a little pissed. No one, not even those who RSVPed came. I am also highly insulted by this. Please let me know why i should continue the quiz bowls.


Qevilo, Apr 11, 11 9:05 AM.
Hello, Qevilo here

I am hosting another Quizbowl on the 23rd of April

Info that will be asked about can be found in the Communtiy Authorized misssion "Coalition"

I will be giving a credit to all those who mail me rare data traces before this date or bring them to the Quizbowl. The credit amount will be determined by the type of data trace.

Foundry Mission (Our Lil Qev!)

Flintt_Ironstag, Apr 11, 11 8:57 AM.
Hi All!
 Haven't updated the site in a few days and i apologize for that. Sometimes life gets in the way
 Well, i wanted to give credit where it is do! Your Favorite lil Saurian and mine, Qevilo, published what i believe to be the 7th TEUs' first Foundry Mission, titled "Coalition". I'm now more hyped to get my missions out as well!
 Give it up for Qev! Play his Mission when you can and take notes! There are Trivia questions on it in the Fleets 2nd Qevilo Quiz Bowl(cuz he's all twisted like that! LOL).
 Thanks for reading and bearing with me!

Welcome to 7th TEU    
 Welcome to all current Fleet members and those seeking to be recruited into the 7th TEU! We here at the 7th Teu are a very Fun, active, and Laid back group. To start this off i will say that we are a 17+ Mature Fleet. While we are very respectful to everyone please be warned that we can, will, and do use Four Letter Words in Various Combinations. There are also times when subject matter will be of an Adult Nature. Read into that Rated MA or Higher. We like to work hard and play harder.
  That being said we're here to have fun, do missions, pvp, and whatever comes our way. As our Fearless Leader, Cummings said to me, "It's not just My Fleet, it's OURs." If you have any questions please ask.
   Have fun and i hope to see you all Ingame and on here!
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